Learn, build, and connect with people bootstrapping Indigenous Internet networks.

Virtual Events

We are introducing a series of Tribal Broadband webinars exploring different ways of organizing a Tribal Broadband Network, honing in on how Indigenous networks approach the business of broadband, how they can be structured, how they price their services, and how they can strategically plan for their sustainability. The events are focused on topics that lend themselves less well to in-person, hands-on workshops – that’s what the bootcamps are for.

A recording of each webinar will be posted here for all to access. All virtual events are sponsored by Waskawiwin.

The Business of Broadband – Introductory Session

The first event, held in late October, drew from the diverse experiences of seasoned Tribal Broadband experts, representing both regulated and non-regulated Tribal networks, and outlined the high-level business considerations that arise when setting up a network.

The Business of Broadband – Wireless

The second event was hosted in December and focused on wireless networks. The conversation centered around job responsibilities within a wireless network, good wireless practice, and license maintenance and use.